Bathroom Renovation Process

The renovation and building process for all work done here at Bathrooms Auckland follows the same 5 step process, making it very easy for you to follow. Bathrooms Auckland provide a high quality service and the steps below outline the journey you will take with Bathrooms Auckland when getting any part of your bathroom renovated

Step 1

Our team at Bathrooms Auckland will come out to see you for a free consultation. This will better help us understand your needs, what you would like to achieve with your new bathroom, and the time-frame you are hoping to complete it within. Our Bathrooms Auckland team will provide you with a variety of materials to choose from that meet your specific requirements.

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Step 2

At Bathrooms Auckland we will design a high quality bathroom using all the information provided that meets your budget. Bathrooms Auckland will then proceed to discuss and consult with you on the design and make any adjustments should it be required.



Bathroom Renovation step 2_Complete Bathrooms Auckland Ltd_Bathrooms Auckland

Step 3

Bathrooms Auckland will provide you with an agreement and a fixed cost and completion date GUARANTEE so you don't get any surprises further down the track. 

Bathroom Renovation step 3_Complete Bathrooms Auckland Ltd_Bathrooms Auckland

Step 4

We begin work at the scheduled start date and your assigned Project Manager will ensure the highest standard of quality throughout the entire bathroom renovation or build process. 

Bathroom Renovation step 4_Complete Bathrooms Auckland Ltd_Bathrooms Auckland

Step 5

It's time to break open the Champagne and celebrate when Bathrooms Auckland presents you with your brand new bathroom! Our favourite part of the process. Read some of our customers stories and testimonials to find out about their experience with Bathrooms Auckland. 

Bathroom Renovation step 5_Complete Bathrooms Auckland Ltd_Bathrooms Auckland