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Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 1

One of our Client Managers/Designers will be with you to discuss your dream bathroom. They will provide you with any needed information on your bathroom renovation. Your client manager will be responsible for your entire bathroom renovation; they will be in charge of scheduling all our tradesmen and organizing all products to be delivered in a timely manner. Our client manager will gather as much information as possible to make sure we know exactly what you’re after and how we can achieve it.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 2

Free Consultation

If you’re unsure of what you’re after, our designers will provide you with two different 3D designs. One, including what you’re wanting from your bathroom renovation and the other will be a design our professional designers recommend. Each design will come with its own affordable quotation.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 3

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Product Selection

Once the quotation and design are selected, we then meet you at our showroom to select your preferred products from our large range of high quality bathroom fittings and tiles.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 4

Final Quotation

Once all products have been selected, we then provide you with a final cost.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 5

Agreement & Contract

Next step is to look over our agreement documentations for your bathroom renovation. This step will ensure you will come across no surprises.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 6

Bathroom Renovation Plan

We will have an accurate design of what your bathroom will look like pre bathroom renovation. Our bathroom renovation team will be informed regarding the details of every fitting for your bathroom renovation.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 7

Your Bathroom Renovation Begins!

It’s time to sit back and relax as our client manager takes full control over your bathroom renovation.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 8

Our Bathroom Renovation Preparation

All floors and any objects that may be affected by the renovation will be covered using cover sheets in a professional manner.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 9


It’s time for your old bathroom to go! Our bathroom team will have your old bathroom gone in no time.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 10

Bathroom Pre-pipe & Pre-wire

It’s time for the new pre-pipe installation. Our electrical team will work around our plumbing team to have the pre-wiring done. Carpentry will also be done during this stage.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 11


We take extra in making sure everything we place is completely levelled to perfection.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 12


When it comes to waterproofing we only use the best waterproofers! As like all other tasks this is a very important step. Waterproofing will be done to the highest standard. Once both waterproofing coats have been completed, you will be presented with a waterproofing compliance form.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 13

Plastering and Painting

Plastering will be done where required. Endless choices of different paint colours will be presented to you. During painting, extra care will be taken to keep environment spotless at all times.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 14


It is time for tiling! Different tiling patterns will be suggested to you prior to installation. Our professional tiling team will

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 15

Application of Fittings

Then it is time to install all fittings, cabinets, and fixtures to your new bathroom. Our installers will ensure that they are fitted properly and fastened securely.

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 16


Once construction is complete on your project and all parts have been installed and all debris has been removed, we will meet with you to tour your new bathroom. We will present you with a completion package that includes paperwork that guarantees all of the work is completed to your specifications

Auckland Bathroom Renovations

| Step 17